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Diy Pro Chicken Feeder Kit-4 Ports & 1 Hole Saw

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1 Set(4 Ports & 1 Hole Saw)
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  • The easy Install, No-Leak, Weather-proof Chicken Feeder is a must have for any poultry owner.

  • Professional poultry feeders are designed to keep food dry and fresh no matter the weather conditions. No more soggy feed or pesky rodents. All the chicks are gonna dig you, trust me.

  • Super easy installation,  suitable for any containers, used with a 3.15"/80mm hole saw, make an outdoor chicken feeder with easy.

  • Compare with traditional chicken feeder, this chicken feeder will reduce the spillage and less mess.

  • This PVC pipe feeder was covered and rainproof design, come with connect seal, keep dry.
  • Gravity automatic chicken feeder, constant feed to be available.

Each port has a stoppers that you can close at night so you can sleep peacefully.

We make the homesteader's life easy with our truly DIY feeder kit. The larger the container, the less often you have to feed.


  • Material: PP+Silicone+Stainless Steel
  • Product size:
    Port: diameter 80mm+length 140mm
    Swivel Head: diameter 80mm
  • Weight: 755g


  • 4*Port+1*Swivel Head